I’m lying. 

But everything that comes next is true.

When I first set out to make these pictures it was as an investigator; a reporter documenting my home town, looking for answers to simple questions.  Who are the people I share this community with?  What do they look like?  How do they make a living?  What cars do they drive?  How do they decorate their yards?  How do they pass their time?

I went looking for answers to these questions, but found myself on a new path instead.  I’ve realized that these pictures have become more about me than the town.  They make up a chapter of my autobiography better than they describe a community.  

This is where I start lying again.  I’m sharing fragmented truths of a small town through my selective framing, building a new context of a community that is my reality. 

As a whole these pictures make up a lie about a place.  Individually they tell the truth of that moment, that light, that interaction with someone so gracious to share their time with me.  As a whole, they tell the truth about me.

These pictures are of a very real community, how I see it, made from the years of 2010-2016.  The specific place no longer matters because you can’t get there from here.